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Five Reasons to Hire an Insurance Broker

Finding the right insurance coverage can be a time-consuming task that requires research and evaluation. It is also essential to compare rates with multiple insurers to save on insurance coverage costs. To help you with the selection process, an insurance broker can advise you on the right coverage based on your needs. With their vast knowledge in the market, an insurance broker can help you select a policy from a wide variety of insurance companies. Count on Hillis Insurance Agencies Ltd. for a full range of insurance services in Winnipeg. Our experienced insurance brokers have been providing public insurance products, such as auto, travel, boat and property insurance since 1963.

There are plenty of advantages of purchasing insurance through an insurance broker. Hiring an insurance broker will:


1.      Save You Money

It is very difficult to find insurance coverage that meets your needs and is within your budget. An insurance broker will have established relationships with different insurers to find the coverage that is right for you. After assessing your needs and interests, they will make the best recommendations to save you money in the long run. Even during renewal, they will shop around for the best coverage that meets your budget requirements.


2.      Expand Your Experience and Knowledge 

Insurance brokers have a vast wealth of knowledge on all aspects of insurance, such as auto, motor vehicle, home and property insurance. They have the necessary experience to ensure that you get all the discounts along with the complete risk assessment of your coverage. A licensed professional will give you unbiased advice, protecting your property and possessions in the best way possible. Brokers also have experience in dealing with different clients and will advise you in the claims process as well.


3.      Help You With the Recommendations 

Your insurance broker will work for you and not for any insurance company. Based on your personal needs and after thorough research, they will recommend the right company. They have your best interests at heart and will provide impartial recommendations for your insurance needs.


4.      Provide You More Choices

When you compare the insurance quotes yourself, you will need to contact multiple agents and insurers to understand their products and services. An insurance broker will have access to the complete market and you will have a greater choice in choosing your insurance coverage. You will have all the information, such as quotes and policy details, readily available from multiple companies.


5.      Help You With the Claims

Insurance brokers look for long term relationships and will assist you in the event of a claim or a loss. You don't have to take on additional stress in filing any claims. If you are looking to renew or update your insurance, brokers will assess your annual insurance coverage and help make any changes depending on your requirements. Insurance premiums vary with time and insurers; your broker will review your coverage every year to make necessary changes. This will help you to understand if another company can offer you better coverage for the same or lower premiums.


Your privacy is well protected as insurance brokers are required to keep your personal information confidential. Depending on the kind of insurance you are looking for, Hillis Insurance Agencies Ltd. will work closely with you to ensure you are being covered for what matters the most. We are also an authorized service provider for Intact Insurance and Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, as well as the Red River Mutual insurance company.


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